Red Rocks

Simon and I slid together down our ropes into the blackness. Light from my headlamp faltered as the batteries strained and drained, our eyes squinting for the glint of bolts. We had already voiced our shared our fears of rappeling in full dark, but it didn’t change the necessity of doing it. There was a […]

Not So Red

“It’s totally beautiful, but they aren’t that red.” Abigail said to me. I had no retort. We were hiking back to Brownstone Wall, deep in the Red Rocks National Conservation area. You can see the massive, completely brown wall, almost as soon as you leave the car. Given the name, I could understand her surprise, […]


I was trying to write something worthwhile about my response to the election, and Thanksgiving. Maybe those should be exclusive posts anyway. It’s important to me to maintain this blog- one post a month feels like the bare minimum of viability. The previously mentioned topic was too damn hard, so I’m punting. Abigail had a work […]

The Obvious Next Step

My original plans for this pat of my trip had been to spend some serious time rock climbing here in the Valley, and then ski mountaineering in the high Sierra. That said, my foot recovery hasn’t really permitted the multi-pitch climbing I had hoped to do, and getting into the high Sierra in a year […]

Stripped Away/Going to Yosemite

3389-1 is the file name of the first photo I took after returning to Talkeetna, Alaska after climbing Denali in 2009. My friend Pat took one look at this photo, and inadvertently described something that I had not been previously able to  identify. He identified the reason that some of us climb, run, cycle, ski, […]

Warm Wasn’t a Theme for Today

John and I were back at the car eating after 10 hours on the move.  It was sunny and warm and we had our shirts off, grateful to absorb the warmth.  I looked at John and said “you know, warm wasn’t a theme of today.” “That would be a great name for a blog post.” […]

Betting Odds- Addendum

(I wrote most of this Wednesday driving across Utah) The past few days haven’t been good for fully explaining the range of events on this trip.    I like working on this blog, and haven’t gotten to share as many thoughts as I would like.  The previous description of my car adventure left out several […]

Betting Odds

In some ways I’d say my odds in Vegas this time around were fairly bad.  In others, I’d say they were really quite good. From the previous facebook and blog posts, some readers might know that this whole life thing has made climbing a lot more interesting, or non-existent in the past few days.  My […]