Valdez- Finale

Climbing, friends, and beautiful landscapes at the edge of the world. These are a few of my very favorite things, and a rare combination to have in a relatively short weekend trip. Just over a year ago I encouraged a friend to move to Valdez, Alaska and she extracted the promise of a visit from […]

Valdez – Prelude

After a healthy night of travel, sleep deprived ranting, and driving through more than a few avalanche zones, we’ve arrived safely in Valdez, Alaska. This place does not disappoint. Full photos will be included in the final trip report but today was a warmup. Two 90m pitches of WI2-4 provided an enjoyable introduction to the […]

Magical Mystery Tour

So what of the other 5 days of my recent Alaska trip? We left our intrepid adventurers here: baking in the heat just below Hatcher Pass, trying to assemble the next piece of the plan. Martin was the best possible partner, because he kept saying “where can we have the most fun?” Fortunately, I had […]


Stoke might be the most over-used word in the adventure community. Usually used in conjunction with phrases like “shred the gnar”, there’s a connotation with it that often carries both excitement and hubris. I’m as guilty as the next guy of being overly excited about my upcoming adventures. Sitting in the Seattle airport though, my […]


I normally try not to post twice in a day, but sometimes there is good reason.  Today is the one year anniversary of this blog.  It took a lot of thinking before I settled on the name, and the first post on February 6, 2011 explains my choice.  I’ve been asked several times in the last […]

Exploring the Brooks Range

Maybe its something about extremes, but Gates of the Arctic is the northern-most National Park in the US, and protects a vast expanse of the Brooks Range, the northern-most major mountain range in the world. I’ve wanted to get there since I first came to Alaska in 2007 and after one trip, it’s safe to […]


Somehow, I ended up thinking about church this weekend.  I haven’t attended a traditional church in years, and I’m quite satisfied with that- however this weekend, I found myself noticing that the places I was in, and the things I was doing, had some relation to that word.  It was really a banner weekend… Church […]