The internet is fascinating, and I can read it for a long time.  Here’s a little bit of what caught my attention.

I’ve metioned 37 Signals before, but their blog is great –
Affordable ways to improve business culture –
No one in America does it alone.

Fractal Art by Sara McCormick:
Chris Jordan Social Commentary Photography:
Jordan Siemens Photography:


Products from waste- 

Blogs by my friends:
John Frieh-
Colin Bohannan-
Robert Grunau-
Wayne Wallace-
Nate Farr-


Desiderata, by Max Ehrmann
Solitude and Leadership, by William Deresiewicz
Paulo Coelho, one of my favorite authors.

Food  food insider expose
Anina Estrem – Eating Rural, the story of bringing local food to a food desert.


Me, with the wonderful Strangled Darlings:

Buke and Gass, one of my new favorite bands:

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