Jasper. 3.

Jasper turns 3 today. God I love this dog.
Sometimes he barks wildly at pedestrians. 
He often relishes rolling in the most fetid puddle.
He is relentlessly food motivated. 

We haven’t trained him perfectly, but I think we didn’t want to.  He is still his own creature. I truly wonder at my regard for him. It pains me to think he may not understand how much of a gift his life is to us. 

He’s melted our early resolve and slowly earned the right to join us on the sofa.
He reminds us to stay a little wild, to be our own creatures. 
And to love. To embrace the joy of romping through a field of flowers or napping hard in a sunspot.

Happy birthday Jasper, we just fucking love you.

1 thought on “Jasper. 3.

  1. Mackenzie

    Nothing more boring than a perfectly trained highly obedient dog! Stay wild jasper, and well done making your way onto the couch.


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