My name is Skander Spies and I like to make things do a lot, while only using a little. I like things that last and seeing pieces of a project fit together like the legos I assembled as a kid. I started with a mechanical engineering degree and a deep love for wilderness. I’ve dedicated my career to creating sustainable buildings. Sustainable client relationships and understanding community context are just as important as the math and science. I’m fascinated by how we share information through story-telling, and create trust through delivering on the promises we make. Real sustainability will require fundamental changes to our cultural values, our appreciation for simplicity, and our willingness to care for one another.

I am a Professional Mechanical Engineer in the State of Washington (WA # 53877) and a Certified Passive House Consultant (#1930) with PHIUS. I am proud to work as a Lead Mechanical Engineer for McKinstry & Co in Seattle, WA. Please feel free to email me if you feel like we share goals, or have an opportunity that you would like to discuss.

You can check out more of my ideas on the web:

Thoughts on active followership, attending conferences, and public speaking. Enjoy!

2014-09-13 11.38.38

Speaking at the North American Passive House Conference, September 2014.


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