There was a girl at the show I was at last night.
I should have asked her to dance.
I didn’t under the excuse of “well… I’m leaving Portland next Saturday.”

The truth is, I was chicken.
I guess we all chicken out sometimes.
Posted here to remind myself not to miss the opportunity again.

Chinaman, 5.11b, at Frenches Dome, OR - where I finally came to terms with lead falling on bolts.

3 thoughts on “Chicken

  1. Greg

    I’m catching up on these fantastic blog posts. One question.. This phrase, “lead falling on bolts.” What does it mean?

  2. sticker1 Post author

    So when the climb includes bolts drilled into the rock (rather than when the climber places protective gear into cracks in the rock), and the climber climbs past the bolts, if the climber falls off, he falls twice as far as the distance between the climber and their last bolt. The point is, you can’t be afraid that the bolts won’t hold, and you can’t let the fear of falling or getting hurt keep you down. It takes some getting used to, but it’s just part of the sport.

  3. Kelly

    Nice bit of climbing porn there…

    And, trust me, the girl is having the same conversation with herself.


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