First off- a huge shout out to all my Portland friends that made last Friday at Amnesia Brewing an incredible night.  I am so honored to have so many wonderful people in my life.  There was no small sadness for me in saying goodbye however, knowing that I won’t be able to continue to share experiences with all of you. I’m not sure where I will land, maybe Portland again, maybe not, but I look forward to continuing to carrying the lessons and shared experiences forward with me as my experience unfolds.

The blog has been quiet, mostly because life has been intensely loud.  These posts are a little out of order due to the fact that the time of events happening, time available for blogging, and availability of internet don’t always line up.  Even just recounting the myriad of events, people, and activity in the last week leaves me feeling exhausted.  I spent most of last week working at the commons as planned.  We finished installing ductwork for the heat recovery ventilator, insulating wall panels, and installing roofing details.

After 3 years of working in HVAC, I finally actually DID something tangible.

Evenings were filled with seeing people and last minute errands as I struggled to clean out my living space and organize my gear.  Doubly huge thank you to my good friends Colin and Danielle for hosting my ridiculous amount of stuff in their basement while I am traveling.  As much as I enjoy planning and sorting and purging, by Friday I was thoroughly exhausted.

I must really like this bed to put in the work to move it.

My room for the last 15 months, now empty... an amazing place to call home.

I'll be sad to see this bike sell, but excited to upgrade. Funny how my bikes always look the best right before I sell them...

After celebrating Friday night, I was up early to finish a few last details before leaving town, and then headed out to Smith Rock.  Despite a hangover, lack of sleep, and the effort of moving, I was undeniably amped to roll out of the Portland rain and into the Central Oregon sun.

Somehow this all fits in my Jetta?

Yup! Time to roll out...

Okay, now on to more posts about interesting stuff…

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