New Stuff

New computer hard drive, new oil pan, new friends. Life looks good. I’ve got lots of writing to do…


One thought on “New Stuff

  1. Denise

    Hey Skander!
    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog…What a great opportunity to be able to experience the things you have set out to do…It’s been fun looking and reading your experiences….It’s was great to meet you the other day and I look forward in following your journey…As you know I have a blog and love to talk about my GOD given adventures 🙂 I would like to ask you permission to be able to write about you and refer your blog to my “followers” along with my facebook friends…I’m going to email Jordan and ask the same….
    We as a family were blessed by both you and Jordan more than you know…We continue to pray for you both in your amazing adventures to come…So just know that this New Yorker that loves JESUS is following your journey and praying for your safety and most of all your Salvation! May you find HIM one day in your journey…
    Lord Bless!
    Denise (Ray & boys)


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