Salt Lake City, UT

The Mormon settlers believed this to be their promised land.  I’m not sure I can say that, but damn if it hasn’t been a fun five days here.  I’m headed over to tour the Black Diamond factory before heading back to Vegas in just a bit, so this has to be brief- mostly to say, good times with good people.

After skiing on Tuesday I went for a walk and settled in for an excellent and cheap latte at a place called Coffee World near 9th and 9th.  Trendier than I care for, but quality coffee is important for the soul.  I also did some “shoe modifications” to address some of the issues I’ve been having with my feet.

Sometimes you just have to make some space for your baggage.

Wednesday morning I was very privileged to attend a training session at a very unique gym. For those of you who know, you can correctly expect that I am still sore.  I look forward to returning to this place as it is allowed.

A privilege I felt very fortunate to be included in.

I spent Wednesday afternoon in a tree dialing in some aid climbing skills I will likely need in a few weeks.  It was gorgeous out, and frankly I loved the fact that no one really found it strange to see a guy suspended 20′ in the air in a tree in a public park.

Dialing the skills you read about is essential, even if you don't have a cliff to work with.

Wednesday night I met up with a good friend from my NOLS course in 2007 who lives here and works with behaviorally challenged youth.  Bryce is one of the most upstanding dudes I know.  A walking example of integrity and kindness.  We were able to spend some time on the granite crags in Little Cottonwood Canyon with Bryce’s friend John on Thursday afternoon.  I was extremely pleased with both the quality of the climbing and the companionship.

Few finer things than being outside with fine people.

Granite is just around the corner, along with the limestone, quartzite, ice climbing, and skiing in Little Cottonwood canyon.

I’m headed south this morning to meet a friend from Portland in Vegas.  It seems to be the spot where partners, weather, and pitches all line up.  More on the upcoming plans soon.  Thanks for reading!

1 thought on “Salt Lake City, UT

  1. Lois Carlson

    Mom likes thinking of you in a tree in a public park, with people around who don’t think it’s too strange. You look very happy, dear son. How amazing that you will have El Captain as a ‘notch’ on you belt–sorry I know there’s a better metaphor.


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