Wasilla, Alaska

Yes, the hometown of my favorite American politician, Sarah Palin. I’m waiting at the much recommended Pandemonium bookstore meet my good friend Margaret for lunch, and have my first access to wi-fi. We flew out of the Alaska range yesterday afternoon which was surprisingly beautiful against the odds of a grim forecast. Obviously, I’ve got lots of updates for the blog but the quick summary from the past few weeks includes a few crazy Serbians, swimming, and way too many games of euchre. Look for more updates in the next few days- I’ll be out of touch again starting June 16.

Our crew, plus the lovely Lisa (basecamp flight manager) with Denali in the background.

Somehow, I ended up shotgun for the flight out.

Not a bad day in the range…

1 thought on “Wasilla, Alaska

  1. Lois Carlson

    welcome back to civilization, dear son! So grateful for your
    commraderie and safety. : )


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