Rocksteady and Bebop

(from June 19th, 2011)
When I moved to Portland four years ago I was just learning to be an adult- sorting out challenging circumstances and defining myself in a new city and new position in life. A friend of mine had this title phrase posted on his instant message status and the two words were exactly what I needed to think about. Steadiness, making good decisions on good information, slowing things down, and embracing adversity helped sort out the mayhem. Bebop, a music that I grew up playing, involves creativity, energy, and intelligence- all qualities I wanted to make sure I had in my newfound west coast life. I only found out some time later that my friend was referring to two thuggish characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Ever since, the phrase has reminded me of the petty drama I entertained during that period of my life and exactly how to beat it. Hauling a heavy pack and heavier sled up a glacier there’s a lot of funny stuff that can get in your head because you are worked. Planting each step and humming a little jazz reminded me how to finish a strong day, rocksteady and bebop.


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