I’m headed back to Portland early tomorrow morning- I don’t like thinking about the fact this is my last day in Alaska for quite some time.  As I mentioned upon arrival here I feel like Alaska inspires the best version of myself, and my summer has been full of those best experiences.  I’ve been thinking of this as the second stage of my trip since quitting my job, and it’s been exceptionally fruitful.  More than anything else, this time and this place has allowed me renew and refine my dedication to a few major life goals.  Over the years I’ve found that it’s easy to make lots of goals, and hard to follow through on them.  Sometimes I’m even reluctant to call them goals, perhaps the term principles would be more appropriate, and that a principle may encompass many elements.

  • Live more simply (encompasses the pursuit of more human experiences, human powered adventures, a greater sense of community, and more careful focus of my intentions).
  • Enjoy life to the fullest (encompasses being fit, being active, doing new things, embracing new challenges)

The next stage of my travels looks the least structured of my so far, and I’m excited to use that time to fully embrace these principles.  There is a pain in my chest tonight, as I’ve started to feel a sense of belonging here.  Going to Portland still feels like going back to the familiar, but with a new sense of the unknown because I’m not exactly sure why I’m going there, except for the fact that it is where my stuff is.  Leaving here feels like I’m leaving something behind that doesn’t fit in my backpack.  

Reflection is strong in the mountains.

Evenings are a great time to climb.

Feeling the deep wilderness on the Harper Glacier.

Exposure is a clarifying force- on the diving board at 17,200'.

3 thoughts on “Re-Dedicate

  1. Lois Carlson

    Dear son:
    Your are not going back to Portland–but forward to Portland, taking all the beauty with you.
    Mom and Michael


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