Look Out for Yourself

“Skander, the most important thing is that you look out for yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.'”
(quote attribution withheld out of respect for the speaker)

…and sometimes the people whom you hope look out for you, simply can’t.

In general, I try pretty hard not to make enemies in life. Despite my best efforts, I’ll be leaving a few behind in this city. Clearing my life out of this city, I haven’t exactly included time for making amends. Today I stand humbled as new information sheds light on a situation I didn’t understand and in which I didn’t play my cards right. And in which I found I made an enemy. Maybe I should make amends, but maybe I haven’t because I’m not sure it’s mine to do. I’ll need to keep a careful eye over my shoulder as a result. Welcome to being an adult Skander.

To the person in today’s item- I publicly and sincerely apologize for my lack of foresight and lack of sensitivity.
To the others for whom I have failed to make amends- it is likely we are past apologies. Thank you for your lessons, for sharing this life together such that we might learn from each others mistakes. Thank you for any measure of forgiveness you may be able to offer.

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