Troy, Montana

Where is Troy, Montana and why on earth am I there? What’s been going on that my blog hasn’t been updated in 9 days?


Driving a 12,000lb insulation truck makes taking photos at the same time really difficult.

Yes, it was another great weekend hanging mostly around Missoula- I played bass at a contra-dance, went ice climbing with Hannah, and got out for a great hike in the Rattlesnake wilderness north of town. In all fairness though, I’ve been really busy mostly due to an entirely different adventure- one that takes me back into business, and forward into making an impact on this community.


Celsius on the left, Fahrenheit on right, inside the house after several hours with the heater on.

Two blocks from the room I rent in Missoula is an unassuming red brick building with two large white trucks out front. Every morning a group of high school students stands on the corner smoking cigarettes and avoiding class. I notice them because I’m usually drinking coffee and walking into the building to go to my job. I’m employed again, proudly and happily, with the fine folks at Energetechs (pronouced “energetics”).

I’m here in Troy, Montana for my first insulation job. Many times in my career have I recommended the installation of insulation, many times have I evaluated the performance of windows or a heat recovery ventilator. This week I am on site- to feel the cold, to get tired, to do the work, of actually building an energy efficient home in far north-western Montana. Today was Day 1 on the jobsite, and tonight I’m beat. Two more full days ahead. We leave before sunrise, and get home well after sunset. The cold makes you appreciate why we install insulation in the first place.


Crew leader Josh working the spray foam gun.


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