Sit Tight

I did not really get to play outside at all this weekend, that was unfortunate, especially because there was 3-5 feet of gorgeous fresh snow in the mountains to ski.

Oh yeah, there is a car under there... (taken after letting it melt for a day)

As I’ve mentioned before, my left foot is slowing me down, but in many other ways as well, this is a time for me to sit tight. I’m still just getting to know the people I feel comfortable going into the backcountry with. I’m still getting back to having some cash in the bank to play with. The weather hasn’t been compelling. I was selected to connect with the Missoula political community through an interesting group of people (the official website makes it seem cheesier than it actually is– but we’ll see how things go). I’m learning a lot about my job, about what my next job might be, and about how a job is related to making a living (because they are not the same thing). I might not like it, but this is a time where sitting tight is just the right thing to do for the moment.

I’ve been working hard to help heal my foot, so I didn’t get to swing my tools this weekend. After last weekend, and as I always do after ice climbing, I set out my screws to dry. They sit next to my bed, and next to the heater. I didn’t get around to putting them away for a few days but I realized I like seeing them when I wake up. I like seeing them when I don’t want to work out but know I should, or when I just spent 10 hours running around dusty, dirty jobsites. They motivate me, they remind me about that other place, and other thing that I do. They bring the focus back when I can’t make it out, when I have to sit tight.

Stay motivated.

They are elegant, simple things. I used to think I didn’t have enough ice screws, that I needed a few more before I could really get on “worthy” climbs with the few that I own. I have 10- 3 long ones, 3 medium ones, and 4 short ones, and this season I’m starting to realize that might be just enough for what I need. Thanks for the reminder, just a few more weeks my friends.

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