Lolo Pass Backcountry Skiing Day 2

Got out for some backcountry skiing with solid partners in Ross and Gwen.  It was a warm, beautiful day, and as I will try to always do, here’s the video to our avalanche pit test, which I screwed up when I cut it (but that does say something about the snow stability).  On the video I mention we had a collapse at CT13, but I should have said CT14 (if you count and watch the video…).  Temps were warm (~35-40deg) and we were about 2 miles northwest of the Lolo Pass SnoPark (at an area I think called “the Gash”).

Slope aspect was 300deg northwest.
Slope angle was 26deg.
Strong layers observed at 30cm, 90cm, and 120cm.  Be careful out there!

Gwen gets down to get the scoop on avalanche conditions.

Ross, Gwen, and Willow ready for a beautiful day of turns.

About to exercise good judgement.

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