Live Your Life

I spent this weekend around a conference table in second meeting with the NLC.  It was certainly worthwhile, but the long days of discussion leave me mentally drained.  Saturday after the conference I didn’t have plans but eventually found myself high above the city walking over Waterworks Hill.  I had invited friends to join me but ended up walking alone. It didn’t bother me though, I enjoyed the quiet space to reflect.

I’ve spent more time doing things on my own lately- I think in the mood of moving to Missoula I was eager to make friends again and put myself in a hyper social situation.  Having been here a while now, and slowed down a bit, I’ve found myself thinking of what my life was like one year ago (at the beginning of this blog), and realizing that one of the goals in leaving Portland was not to “settle down”.  I miss the travel, the adventure of being on the road, and the many fun times with people, but the fact is that being in the same place has no impact on how independently I am able to embrace the adventure of life.  I’ve been thinking of my travels often recently, missing them yes, but also drawing strength from what they taught me.  I was fortunately to share experiences with many other wonderful people, but I choose the experiences and destinations based on my own intuition and principle.

It’s easy, with the rhythm of more familiar places, more regular routines, more regular people, to think that the rhythm can determine how I should spend my time.  I have no less responsibility to choose just as deliberately now.

Live your life.
Reject the notion that the rhythm will determine what you should do.
Refuse to be a victim of circumstance.
Make a deliberate choice for your actions that resonates with your own core values rather than to anyone else’s expectations.

Sometimes the adventure is deciding what to do when you find yourself in a familiar place.

“We are what we repeatedly do.” (MFT)  If you want to your life to reflect the journey you want, then treat every moment as the next step along the way.

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