Stoke the Coals

I haven’t been able to get out and climb much in the last 3 weeks.  For sure, I haven’t been wasting my time, I’ve been learning, getting inspired, working hard, and getting humbled, and while that is all very good and very important, it isn’t climbing and being outside as I’d like.

I hope I never get tired of this view. Off the top of Weedeater, again.

It helps though, when life sneaks up on you like that- helps you notice that when the clutter of everything else dies down for just a minute, that the coals are still burning.  Under whatever piles on top of your life, there are some of those things that are still burning.  By Thursday last week, I knew I needed to stoke the coals.  Work eased up just enough for me to take an afternoon off for another solo trip into Finley and swing my tools a bit.

Possibly the end of the season in Finley. Things are looking thin...

I spent Friday banging my head around in the crawlspace, but I knew the weather on Saturday was not to be missed.  Grateful to have my friend Jamie to call, he and I made solid plans to head back to Mill Creek. As promised, the weather was unbelievable, and the climbing was ready to fire.  T-shirts were only required to prevent sunburn.  I don’t remember the last time I had looked forward to rock climbing quite that much, or as much as I do as I writing this.  Jamie is another solid climber who loves to “get on it”- pushing me to be the stronger, braver climber that is still learning to explode upwards.  We climbed much hard than I expected, and I’m pleased to say I was able to redpoint a number of quality sport routes.

Grateful for another solid partner to enjoy the sun with.

Fitting that Jamie and I finished Saturday with other new friends enjoying the warmth of a bonfire and the light of the full moon at a party just north of town.  The coals are hot, and further climbing adventures are in the works.  Life is good.

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