Don’t Suck Today

Don’t suck today- it’s been a common mantra lately, even though life is very full, I’m still battling the “routine”.  Low writing motivation, plenty of time at the office (or on the construction site), and relatively few adventures have kept me away from my writing, from training, and from some of the bigger things I care about.  That’s not the general idea for this space, but life happens.

The tail end of one a coal train that I happened to catch from the bike bridge. Life keeps rolling forwards.

A few links that have managed to catch my attention:

Big company invests in “small” people (thanks Kurt)

Reminding me of the Scotland love (thanks Nate)

Things are not always as they appear (don’t remember where I saw this).  A strong reminder about living on your own terms.

I’ve also been working really hard on my cello playing lately, gearing up for two events that will garner more space here soon.  One- I’m campaigning for Kimberly Dudik for Montana House District 99, please come to her kickoff party on April 11 at the Burns Street Food Co-op.  I’ll be playing cello from 5.30-8.00pm.  Also, I’ll be playing some at the NLC Fundraiser at the Stensrud House on April 27th- more details to follow shortly.

The daily reminder- do what you have to do, support what you want to see in the world, keep chasing your dreams, don’t suck today.

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