It is what seems to be lacking in my life lately.  I haven’t been spending my time pursuing my priorities, even when I feel like I know what they are (which is surprisingly not often).

Driving back from California, my focus drifted so far as to wonder why I was bothering to drive back to Missoula at all- the eastern Sierra is just that captivating- but fortunately practical concerns won out.  I see it in my writing, in my working, in my home life, and in my tire tracks, the focus is missing.

I thoroughly enjoyed a very short trip to Portland last weekend- mostly on the occasion of witnessing two beautiful people tie a beautiful knot:

“Work is love made visible.” (Kahlil Gibran) It’s obvious these two have done the work.

Naturally, I jammed the rest of my time in the city chock full of familiar faces.

Roommates for life, at least in spirit.

It felt like an effort to pick up again after the long drive home from California and a full work week, but I was very grateful to have the company of two awesome Missoulians for the drive on each end.  My friends Emily and Kate both had loved ones of their own to see in PDX, so we made a road trip of it.  Our conversations in the car were some of the most open and insightful sharing I’ve gotten to experience since moving here.

This past week I’ve been stretched thin at work as my dear friend and colleague Andy moves back to his native Australia (where I cannot wait to visit him in January).  As such, I’ve picked up a number of additional projects, and with winter coming, it is not a slow time for heating contractors.  Training sessions have been few and far between, and my focus has felt far from climbing and writing (or anything in particular), points that I hope to steer towards throughout the fall.  I’ve made a point to give more time to the non-profit organizations that I am working with (here, and here).  Doing what needs to be done isn’t always as satisfying as you hope.

How can we make this little black and white sticker really *mean* something more.

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