Today didn’t feel special, but I had the notion that it was supposed to.

I did not appropriately prioritize my time today.

I did not accomplish anything of particular note.

The adventures I would like to be having remain far away.

I started paying rent at an apartment in Missoula on November 10, 2011.  The ordinari-ness of today rests uncomfortably at the back of my head, as it seems to be another in a string of ordinary days.  This is not acceptable.  I look forward to making tomorrow different.

1 thought on “Special?

  1. Kelsey Aho (@kelskelskels)

    http://zinelibrary.info/files/comingcommunity.pdf says,

    “It is important here that the notion of the “outside” is expressed
    in many European languages by a word that means “at the door” (fores
    in Latin is the door of the house, thyrathen in Greek literally means “at
    the threshold”). The outside is not another space that resides beyond a
    determinate space, but rather, it is the passage, the exteriority that gives it
    access–in a word, it is its face, its eidos.
    The threshold is not, in this sense, another thing with respect to the
    limit; it is, so to speak, the experience of the limit itself, the experience of
    being-within an outside. This ek-stasis is the gift that singularity gathers from
    the empty hands of humanity.”


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