One of the biggest reasons I like Thanksgiving so much is that it reminds me (and leaves a day off) to express how thankful I am to the many people that make my life rich.  I call this ThanksAction.  I will give Facebook some credit for being a useful way to keep track of people that might otherwise disappear into the ether.  My Thursday was punctuated with cooking, laughing, and text/phone/facebook messages from across the world.

Hiking the M to get our appetite on!

Dinner was a small group of lovely folks, and a large table of delicious food.

Prairie Heritage Farm Heirloom turkey, perfectly seasoned and done.

Very thankful for friends that love to cook.

Who are you thankful for?  How can you let them know?  I know few things that can improve your day as powerfully and quickly as sharing some gratitude with someone.  My ThanksAction has continued through the weekend, and perhaps one of the things I’m most thankful for is that I haven’t run out of people to get in touch with yet.

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