“Sometimes, you just gotta jump in with both feet and try your best.”

I was in over my head at work again today.  Fortunately when I got home, I saw this from my friend Tom (spoiler- contains adult language, but will make your day). Click the link, it’s the point of the post…

Planning and organizing and teaching people about 700lb windows from Poland is hard, especially when you are 200 miles from home.

unload Zola windows

So difficult it was comic.

Huge props to the Dave and the crew at Chase Skogan Homes. Back to adventures soon.

1 thought on “Try!

  1. Soren

    1) “Make better mistakes, faster” was so good I didn’t even notice any bad language.
    2) Your Energetechs blog post about how to unload these windows was worth every mistake, though I personally think it could have made the job sound harder since it sounds like it was. 🙂


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