Room with a View

Sunset on the Olympics

Sunset on the Olympics

So I’m here now.  The project I had hinted towards at New Years is largely complete. New job, new house, new city, same girl (thankfully). From the skylight in my bedroom I have a view of Mt. Rainier and the Space Needle, the window opposite frames a skyline of the Olympic Mountains. It’s a good place to keep perspective on how substantially life has changed in the past few months. My instruments are neatly at the ready in one corner, and my gear is stacked waiting for the next adventure.

In the city now.

In the city now.

Being official.

Being official.

I stand behind saying my employment in Missoula was a worthwhile time that has served my career well. I also say that the folks at McKinstry & Co. are as smart, hardworking, and innovative as any group of engineers and contractors I’ve found anywhere. I’m working hard, learning a lot, and pretty damn happy about it. They have a commitment to their people, and their community, that I’ve seen rarely in the private sector. We “design, build, operate, & maintain” company, and they do it for both their buildings and their people. I’m already looking forward to being here for a while.

A company-wide day of service got us re-landscaping a low income neighborhood.

A company-wide day of service got us re-landscaping a low income neighborhood.

The local recreation is more than adequate, people are largely friendly and unpretentious, and I am regularly blown away by how beautiful the city is. My house on the hill is a wonderful place to come home to, and the two friends I’m living with seem like an ideal fit. While I miss Missoula (and my incredible friends there most of all), the landing here hasn’t been nearly as hard as I feared.

One last day of a season that didn't happen.

One last day of a season that didn’t happen.

The local hill ain't too shabby.

The local hill ain’t too shabby (@Mt. Rainier).

I came for my career but suddenly the options seem wider, the opportunities deeper, and there is nothing so refreshing as breaking all of your habits and reforming your life one more time.

1 thought on “Room with a View

  1. Perry

    Awesome, Skander. So grateful you’re off to such a promising start. I loved the company-wise service day. They do walk the walk.


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