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Does It Matter?

It’s a blunt question.  Does it matter?  It’s also a very useful razor.  When applied to so much of the drama, heartache, and confusion we see in everyday life, I’ve found that asking this question is a surprisingly useful exercise.

I’m scared of how hard it’s going to be to start my own business.  Does it matter?  Being scared will get you nowhere, what matters is your willingness to do the work.

I’ve been moving this week- cleaning up in Portland, setting up in Missoula.  I have an address.  I wrote a rent check.  Some of my stuff that hasn’t seen daylight since March has been unpacked.  I’ve done loads and loads, and loads of laundry.  For all the uncertainty, I still feel this place embracing me, and that feels good- that’s what matters.  Here are a few photos from the move, let’s just say I didn’t pick up anyone from Rideshare…

Leaving Portland on Wednesday, with perfect vis on Mt. Hood

Lots of driving... lots and lots and lots.

Notice how low the back end of the Jetta is- the wheel well compression is visible. Also the lack of a front passenger.

Packed to the gills.

The bike is itching to roll again...

Landing, and stuff explosion.

Portland #3: Lessons

After an unexpected full week in Montana, I drove back to Portland today.  The time in Missoula was just what I was looking for, and it’s exciting to say: I’ve found housing and a new community that seems to welcome me with open arms.  This time, the trip to Portland isn’t returning to home, but rather to bring my sense of home to Missoula.  Yep, that’s right, I’m moving- now that I’ve published it on the blog, I’m committed.

Typical Missoula sunset. Awesome.

When I decided to come back from South America, I knew I wanted to be in a smaller community.  I want to know my neighbors, live close to the outdoors, and try something different.  I don’t have a job lined up there, and I only have a few months of savings left, but somehow this simply feels like the right thing to do.

Where else can two adults have a perfectly stellar time riding a carousel without anyone raising an eyebrow? (Thanks for Hannah for a fun outing!)

More than just my belongings, I look forward to bringing many important lessons with me from Portland to Missoula.

  • Be discerning about the people you spend your time with- your friends an excellent mirror for your character and direction in life.
  • In business, accountability is all that really matters.  Accountability=integrity=success.
  • Live your life on your terms and no one else’s- you are an adult, and you get to make the call on what that looks like.
  • Success is looking back with no regrets, and knowing the next thing you do will be the best thing yet.

I arrived tonight feeling very under the weather, so this post is shorter than I’d like.  Suffice to say it felt hard and scary to think of moving my stuff out of here, of leaving regular contact with so many wonderful friends behind.  This next step feels like the greatest adventure yet, and that doesn’t come without some discomfort.  I’ll look forward to seeing many people in my next few visits (I’m making two trips PDX<–>MSO), please be in touch if you are here in PDX.  A few photos from the week:

Even better than my beloved New Seasons...

Even Miss Rasa (daughter of my friends Jeremy and Crissie) gets involved with the recycling effort.