Stick the Feeling

“Let go of the baggage, and get that feeling to stick.”

This was one of the earliest, and most important lessons I’ve learned from moving over vertical rock and ice.  Just below the crux (hardest) moves of any climb, this is the single greatest challenge separating the climber from completing the ascent.  Fear, doubt, worry and other negative elements- are all forms of baggage, and will only weigh you down, preventing your upward progress.  Somewhat unsurprisingly, the act of letting go is still a regular struggle.

I’m starting this blog as I release my traditional career, one full of value and accomplishment, in favor of an opportunity to pursue an alternate path.  I’m voluntarily quitting a stable income in a career with real potential- it is perhaps (this is up for debate) the most important thing I’ve ever tried to let go.  To be certain, I do not view my career as a negative inhibitor, but rather as something that has been preventing me from fully exploring my complete range of interests.  In many ways, abandoning this highly successful and traditional path requires similar courage to moving upwards on a difficult climb.  Hopefully, exploring other passions in my life elevates me upwards on many levels, and I fully expect I will be required to repeat this mantra often in the coming months.

My hope is that this blog will serve as the primary vehicle to record my progress- in climbing, in training, in understanding the world and in understanding myself.  Hopefully, my journey can also help you understand yours.


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