Although I am hoping that the majority of material on this site relates to adventure sports and traveling content, my career and my philosophy on business is another adventure that I hope to keep actively exploring, even while not associated with a formalized business entity.  I have enjoyed my career to date in the green building industry, and am fascinated by the opportunity that business represents to change the world- and how we conduct business is influenced by how we conduct our lives.  So as I include thoughts and photos from climbing and skiing adventures, I think it’s important to share the things I continue to learn and think about business.

I’ve followed appreciated work done by 37signals for quite some time.  For whatever reason, their style (which I can only deduce from their web presence), their products (which I have not directly used), and their process (which I have only read about, not participated in), seem to resonate with me.  I saw this article by Jason Fried and I really appreciated his ideas.  As business people, there is value in what we do- don’t do things if you don’t understand their value- but be aware that value comes in many forms.

Part of my personal mission is changing the world, and at this point I’m convinced that business has a part to play in that.  As I take time off, I intend to make a concerted effort to distill what I have learned in being part of a business for the last four years, as well as continuing to build a knowledge base and philosophy that will make me a greater asset to future business endeavors.

“I began learning these things when I was 14. And I’m glad I did, because the habits entrepreneurs develop early in their careers go a long way toward determining their success.”  (Jason Fried)

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