Alturas, California

On the road and heading south with Jordan! After a great one day stop in Portland, the excitement of new places and people make every horizon feel fresh. We stopped at Crater Lake National Park (still buried in snow), and found a spot to camp just across the California state line near a town called Alturas. We found squat camping at the national wildlife refuge, even better sunset views and Jordan put on a first class dirtbag meal of hotdogs, baked beans and PBR. Welcome to roadlife…
Headed down to Bishop, CA today and hopefully in time to make friends and boulder tonight. This is one of the parts of the trip I’ve been looking forward to the most. In October 2007 I took a really important roadtrip from Portland to Prescott, AZ and we travelled through the same part of the country. It’s cool to revisit this place and consider the person I was at that time, and who I am now. The progression is both humbling and fulfilling to see. Needless to say that progression doesn’t look like what I thought it might then, but that’s actually a really good thing.




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