Bishop, California- Prelude

I’m not exactly sure why I wanted to come to Bishop- bouldering and sport climbing aren’t my strongest climbing styles but after a few days of being here, this place simply blows me away. The locals are friendly, the camping is cheap, and the climbing is second to none. We arrived just after sunset on Tuesday night and set camp at the pit. Wednesday morning we rambled around the happy boulders with our jaws on the ground in awe of the number, quality, and variety of problems. We also got served a huge slice of humble pie- it’s easy to see why people come here to get strong. Our hands were wrecked before noon, so we checked out town and went for a walk around the buttermilk boulders. It was surprisingly windy and cold so our motivation for more climbing was low. Later in the afternoon we stopped by the approach to the Owens river gorge on our way to some reported hot springs. There are a lot of dirt roads and cattle guards in the area around the green church hot springs, and we just might have explored them all. After lots of U-turns, a conversation with a very drunk hippie, and a long phone call to my buddy Pat, we found some hot springs. They weren’t that hot and the wind was really cold, but we needed a dip to vindicate the effort, and because neither of us had showered since leaving Portland.
Today found us at the Owens river gorge clipping bolts and basking in the sun. I was pleased at my ability to on-site through all of the 5.10 grades, and we both enjoyed projecting some harder stuff as well. The camera stayed in the bag while we just enjoyed the unbelievably high quality routes in the central gorge. After climbing, Jordan took a few photos of me cooking dinner. He sells these kinds of photos to stock agencies and the general public see them in publications like Outside magazine and REI. These companies are selling the experience that he and I are enjoying. Or to put it more bluntly- I’m living this life that other people would pay for. Sometimes you know when you are doing it right.

In other news I had a ROM failure in my computer hard drive and will be blogging from my phone exclusively until I can hopefully get a new hard drive through AppleCare at the Mac store in. Las Vegas. Please excuse the typos and lack of photos!



2 thoughts on “Bishop, California- Prelude

  1. Mackenzie

    omeeee i am a nerd. I read ROM failure and thought oh dear, what has Skander done to his foot Range Of Motion. now, then, even i reconsidered, and it gets more nerdy, and I realize you mean read only memory- like on a computer. and why do I know all these acronyms.


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