Two hands, two feet, and some chocolate

The backcountry, just outside of town.

Staring out at the vista, the juxtaposition of being 45 minutes from home just didn’t seem to add up to me.  My friend Courtney from Northwestern is starting a similar nomadic journey and it’s been great to be able to meet up with her and share some awesome Alaska experiences together.  We spent yesterday on a dayhike into the Hatcher Pass area northwest of Palmer.  Known for hiking and backcountry skiing, I was struck at just how wild the landscape was, despite the proximity to “the city.”  Normally I don’t feel the sensation of being in the wilderness without a heavy pack, climbing gear, and several days on the trail, but as we pulled onto the ridge, Courtney and I remarked at just how much we were able to do with two hands, two feet, and a little bit of chocolate.  Many thanks for a great day out.

Its still cold here in the summer.

So fun to share new places with old friends.

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