Palmer, Alaska

I’ve spent the past six days between expeditions in Palmer, Alaska, with two good friends from Northwestern.  Margaret moved up here just after she graduated, met a really great guy who likes to fix computers, and decided to make her mark by saving local agriculture.  Although I didn’t know my friend Courtney very well before she arrived in Alaska, I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know her much better.  We enjoyed quite a bit of amazing food, great hiking, local Alaska culture.  Preparing tonight to head back into the wilderness, I can’t help but notice that my heart hurts to say goodbye to such good friends.  The wilderness strips away everything, which is why coming back out always feels so good.  I’ll let the photos finish the story:

Learning my father's craft- baking bread with Margaret.

Just a little Alaska irony...

Artwork by Emily Longbrake- a perfect way to remember wine, cheese, and bread on the beach with new friends.

The weather split just in time for me to show Courtney around the Matanuska glacier.

It's a privilege to have had so much quality time with an exceptional woman.

All geared up for helicopter training with the Park Service.

We’re catching a bus to the north side of Denali National Park tomorrow morning, taking the bus to Wonder Lake tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully fording the McKinley bar river in the middle of Thursday night when the water is nice and low.  We are scheduled to head back out of the range on July 13 and I’ll have more updates then, thanks for following!

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