The Past 30 days

The last 30 days have been very full to say the least. Certainly the climbing experience has been unique, incredible, and challenging, but the opportunities for personal growth and lessons learned from an incredible group of men have rounded out the time with plenty of writing to share. The following entries describe our climb in sections of the route- and between sections I’ll be posted some account of my thoughts and reflections from another incredible trip in the Alaska range.
I’ve been writing solely on my iPhone, so please excuse typos and punctuation errors, entries are time consuming enough just to get down in a digital format. I’ve been able to create posts on my iPhone while climbing and include some photos, but will try to post more photos from my teammates once I get to a computer. I have very little time in between trips, so I apologize for the barrage of posts in a short window! As always, thanks for following.


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