In January of 2008 a friend suggested I meet another person in Portland who was interested in green building.  I met Dustin at the fountain on the west end of the Hawthorne bridge, and we went for a run around the Esplanade.  I went home that night knowing I had met someone unique.  For the last 3 years, Dustin has been one of my most important and reliable friends day in and day out- today was the last day we will spend together for a very long time.

The friend I met down by the river.

I’m headed on a bike tour abroad, and Saturday morning Dustin is moving to Berkeley, California to pursue a graduate degree in architecture.  I’m not worried that our friendship will suffer (most of my closest friends aren’t geographically nearby), but it will be an end to working on his house, riding bikes, and burning a fire under southeast Portland stars.  Long ago I realized that our friends support us both in affirming, and in questioning our ideas and actions.  My friendship with Dustin has been one of the strongest supports to me and the course of action I have taken in my life.  I know very few people who live their values as well as Dustin, or are able to make me look in the mirror so carefully.

I’m excited to see how our friendship continues to grow, the ideas we will share, and the ways in which we inspire each other to change the world.  I hope that there will be more time to spend together in the future, and I know I will always feel grateful for the time we have spent these past few years.  Thank you my friend, for so many great days.

Thanksgiving Day 2009 in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Goofing around at the Spring Mountain Crags.

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