Portland #2: Roots

Returning to Portland after 9 weeks in Alaska raises many questions- why do I come back here? What is next? Am I really ready to keep going?


My first apartment building in NW, just across from Trader Joes.

In many ways, Portland is the city that I have become an adult in. I moved here on my own to work and live as an adult- my childhood was not here, my schooling was not here, my family is not here. I’ve lived here on my own, making my own friends, my own money, my own adventures, and my own mistakes on the way. This is the place that I first recognized the principles that I now feel re-dedicated to, and I’d be lying if I didn’t feel the roots of my adulthood sunk into earthy corners of this city.


Important progress on the front steps of The Commons.


My most recent contribution, and my first deck building experience.

Not surprisingly, I’ve had an intensely busy week since returning from my overnight bike tour last week. Great times with friends, significant progress made at the Commons project, and a few great workouts have meshed with more domestic tasks like sorting gear, buying bikes, and researching future travel options. There is a lot to do to recharge after my summer in Alaska, and in some ways I’m not quite ready to fire on another major adventure yet. Fortunately I’ve got a few weeks of smaller adventures planned, and sharing my plans with people here helps me re-motivate. I have the wonderful problem of too many great people to see, some of whom will have to wait. Tonight I’m headed north to fulfill some long overdue climbing goals in northern Washington State. Let’s hope the weather holds!


All of the recent residents of Breanne's house on Vancouver.


Med ball ring dips at Crossfit Fort Vancouver. More pain in my expression means more quality.

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