This is just a quick note amidst packing and finalizing a few last details.  My flight takes off at 12:55am tonight.  My regular phone service ends at 12:01am tonight, so I’m not sure when the next post will be.  That said, this blog and my email will be the best ways to get in touch with me.  Also, new on the blog as of yesterday is my “Professional Information” section, designed to share some of my professional side.  Please leave feedback on this new page- your advice might help me get back on my feet once I get back from this adventure!

I’ve had a great few days visiting my brother and sister-in-law in San Jose. I got to see both Dustin and my friend Tom, who is just starting grad school at Standford and might be the main reason I was able to graduate Northwestern. Check out Tom’s amazing sculptures on his website.  Thank you all for following, and for all the support!

A few photos from the fun here in Silicon Valley:

The shiny new burnished orange bike frame (with no cracks!)

New tent! I never thought I'd buy a solo tent, but it's perfect for bike camping.

Me, the Cilogear pack, and bike repair gear. One of many photos I shot for insurance purposes.


It all fits! (just barely)


Loaded for the airport run tonight!


Even just the visitors lot at Apple has some unusually nice digs...

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