Missoula, Montana

It’s the city I live in now. All my stuff is here, I have an apartment, an address, a roommate, and the start of a community. The bedframe that was lashed to the roof of my car did NOT become airborne. The front left bearing assembly on my car did NOT fall apart. After a little rain in Oregon (surprise surprise), the storm that was chasing me did NOT catch up. The only thing I managed to break was the glass sheet for my work table, but that’s not so bad (it’s already moved 3,000 miles with me…)


Well, I have less stuff now, right?

When I came out in October, it was a beautiful late fall- with the trees in full color and a fresh loamy smell in the air. It feels a lot more like winter these days, and the snow on the ground has me excited to get back in my skiboots.


Just a few more inches before it's ripe to huck the cliff.


Great views coming down the pass into Montana.

I was very pleased to cover both mountain passes (on either side of Idaho) in daylight, and clear conditions. There is much to be thankful for and I am really excited to work on re-making a productive life for myself. More on those plans in the next few days, but for the moment I’m pretty tired.

As a second item- Congress is proposing some very interesting legislation that boils down to censorship of the internet. Read about it, think about it, consider how much you value free access to virtually any piece of information you want. Then consider letting your representative know how you feel, either for or against- these are two pieces of legislation worth paying attention to. Personally, I like being able to read and write whatever I feel like, and suspect you do too…

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